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You Asked Us: Will be the Nomos Orion a good choice for a dress watch? tag copy Immediately Andrew dropped us a line. He'd read last weeks article and even have our opinion of a gown watch for himself.You Asked Us: Will be the Nomos Orion ideal for a gown watch?Hello,Having just read your piece around the Oris Classic Date vs. Omega De Ville Prestige being a dress watch, I figured about posing something which has been percolating produce for awhile.Regarding 'nice' replica watches, I already have two i really enjoy: MKII Hawkinge as well as an Omega Speedmaster Professional. As i enjoy the two of these replica watches, I do not have a great dress watch (and i also, unfortunately, are going to be shifting from working remotely in your house to pursuing an MBA and consequent formal interviews from the Fall, same need something suit-appropriate).At this time I've a Daniel Wellington quartz watch which i wear with suits which i don't particularly love design for. I am consequently looking to buy inside short to medium-term a great dress watch using the following characteristics: thin then it can certainly fit beneath a shirt-cuff, either hand-wound or automatic (if you know the first kind can lower the thickness from the watch), no day/date function (once i require a very clean dial), the center or small seconds, and between 35-38mm.Whatrrrs your opinion with regards to the Nomos Orion watches , 35mm, as a wise decision? Or 38mm? Appears to be it might be appropriate with whether brown or black leather band. At night broader watch and size considerations, what do you think regarding the benefits/deficiencies as a dress watch of obtaining the silver indexes and hands as opposed to the gold and blue indexes and hands?What do we think of the Nomos OrionFirst, allow me to declare that in my view, the Nomos Orion is definitely a nice choice for a costume watch. A few things i like specifically over it is that most dress replica watches with this level are of a really classic design and shape. Not the Orion which consists of modern, almost lens-shaped casing, and flow-formed lugs. A good modern design, but unmistakably not a sports- or tool watch.Too, often dress replica watches are available in gold, or perhaps gold plated. Many possess a white dial with Roman numerals also. Something is not the case with all the Nomos Orion. A chrome steel case no numerals whatsoever, but index lines inside the dial. Still, so when stated earlier, it's clearly an outfit watch.#gallery-3margin:auto#gallery-3 .gallery-itemfloat:left;margin-top:10px;text-align:center;width:50%#gallery-3imgborder:2pxsolid #cfcfcf#gallery-3 .gallery-captionmargin-left:0 From Andrew's message, we discover it suits him to make use of at the least 38mm to 42mm replica watches. Too, he usually love readable clean dials. Something he formulates in his question too. Together with his current number of the Hawkinge MKII along with the fake rolex Professional, we will suppose he's trying to find another watch compared to the Daniel Wellington he's using being a dress watch now.Which dial type with the Orion, silver or blued hands?Andrew's main questions have to do with the dial and approximately the dimensions of the watch. The Nomos Orion is accessible which has a galvanized white silvered plated dial in 2 versions. One is with stamped, silver-plated, diamond-polished indexes and has polished and rhodium-plated hands. The opposite with stamped, gold-plated, diamond-polished indexes and blue tempered polished hands.Nomos Orion with silvered indexes and handsI think both kinds of dials/hands are compatible with a dress watch. However, as this is a somewhat more modern dress watch, if you ask me the dial with gold index markers and blued hands speaks more. As you move the silver indexes and hands may well be a extra restful, readability in the gold indexes in combination with blued hands is better under dim lit circumstances because of the higher contrast.Nomos Orion with gold indexes and blued handsBoth forms of the dial would suit either a black or possibly a brown strap i believe. Although I would think more towards simply a black strap while using silver index and hands. Either a brown or black strap would equally suit the gold index dial for me personally. My own range of the dial will be the gold index with blued hands, however, again that's a good case of taste and will hardly are more than a personal opinion.Just what is the correct size for the dress watch?About the height and width of the watch. The Nomos Orion can be purchased in two sizes, 35mm and 38mm. While 35mm can be quite a perfect size for just a vintage dress watch, i believe, the 38mm suits this particular an even more modern watch on a man's wrist somewhat better. This, needless to say, is really a a few wrist size at the same time, however, Andrew mentioned wearing 38mm and 42mm replica watches already, in order that doesn't seem to be a difficulty for him. Here's a picture of the 38mm Nomos Orion in this little 18cm wrist. iwc replica eta Nomos Orion '100 Year De Stijl' limited editionThe watch showed above, furthermore, can be a special '100 Years De Stijl' edition on the 38mm Nomos Orion. Limited by 100 pieces and brought exclusively by Amsterdam based Ace Jewelers. You will find our reviews within this specific watch here and here.Returning to the size for a dress watch. As mentioned 35mm is actually a perfect size for the vintage dress watch, that literally brings me to another proposal. Instead of a whole new and modern watch, including the Nomos Orion, one could choose a vintage watch likewise. In this same style and construction, an Omega Seamaster 30 or 600 is a very sensible choice.A likely option to the Nomos OrionCertainly, not all vintage replica watches are compatible with modern everyday activities, but mentioned Omega Seamasters, if in good and well-maintained condition, really are. A hugely found hand winding movement within this model would be the caliber 601. A lovely and fine workhorse which still could be serviced quite easily. Spares, just like the glass, gasket, and crown, for example, remain available very little trouble. The not at all hard construction in the round case assures a superb possiblity to even maintain its waterproofness.Similarities and differencesBoth calibers, the Nomos Alpha and also the Omega 601, use 17 jewels and are also hand winding. That's about the place that the comparison ends. Long sometime ago, Nomos' caliber Alpha was based on the Pesseux 7001 caliber, these days there's hardly anything anymore which resembles it. The Omega caliber 601 is to use 27.9mm slightly larger in diameter compared to 23.3mm in the Nomos Alpha. On the other hand, the Omega caliber is with 3.3mm quite a lot thicker than Nomos' Alpha caliber with 2.6mm too, which shows within the exterior of the watch. Whilst the Omega operates in a frequency of 19.600/h, the Nomos ticks 21.600/h. The nominal power reserves are 2 days to the Omega and 43 hours for the Nomos. However, the main difference may be the second hand. As you move the Nomos Orion sports a small second-hand, the Omega features a central pre-owned. Something well might influence an aesthetical choice likewise. And as a final point, a well used Omega, just like the mentioned Seamaster 600, are located in good shape at a price less than half of this in the Nomos Orion. The Nomos Orion retails currently at 1.740,= and could be had having a see-through glass back for an additional 220,=.But however, there are several major technical differences between these replica watches, the domed sapphire crystal on the Nomos, for example, cannot be neglected. As can't the coffee quality and finished with the movement and dial. Eastethically likewise, the Orion case is a lot more sophisticated compared to a 50-year-old Seamaster. However, a classic watch brings an entirely different atmosphere when compared to a modern one.Additional information about Nomos Orion replica watches can be found at their site here .Have you got question for all of us? Let us know via this type.