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12 Concerns: Meet Connie Zegers (Netherlands)In our Twelve Questions blog series, we feature interviews together with someone through the crowdSPRING community. Because of these interviews, we pick people that add value to each of our community * in the blog, in the message boards, in the tasks. Plainly : activities which make crowdSPRING a better neighborhood. Be professional, treat other individuals with respect, allow us to build one thing very special, and also we'll take notice.We're extremely proud for you to feature Connie Zegers (crowdSPRING username: StudioZ) right now. Connie lives as well as works throughout Amsterdam, The Netherlands.1. Please show about yourself.We live and also work in Amsterdam and I'm single. Because 2000 I have been self employed as being a graphic designer along with illustrator. Furthermore, i paint.Before that, I worked for practically 20 years as being a packaging developer for HEMA (malls). I started away from working the previous fashioned way; pencil, guns, ink, drawing board, scalpel, repro digital camera, Letraset etc. (showing my age today).When the Mac came into the studio, it absolutely was love to start with sight as well as Illustrator started to be my favorite innovative tool.Soon after HEMA I proved helpful as a desktop publisher for almost a year, but I quit when i missed the creativity. I learned a lot even though.Starting like a free timide work had been slow in the beginning, but the good news is I was motivated to do A couple of illustrations each week for a national newspaper, that was great and meant a consistent income. state farm logo Between jobs I did a lot of artwork for fun and also on commission (mostly portraits). It's my job to use photos but I play with them first inside Photoshop. Then when I'm pleased with the result, I start the actual painting.Because discovering crowdSPRING practically 2 years previously however, We've said farewell to my brushes and possess been rear at the personal computer almost full time.2. Exactly how did you turn into interested in style?Can't remember specifically, but I was always pulling as a child. I used to make my personal little mags with commercials copied inside a funny way from publications. I was also interested in typefaces from a young age and had a solid opinion about how exactly things looked  esthetically (footwear, furniture, fabric, clothes, houses, interiors and so on (never vehicles though).After i heard about the style Academy although in secondary school, I instantaneously knew in which that was things i wanted to carry out. And I haven't ever regretted it.Three or more. What is the design industry like in The Netherlands?Despite the fact that I can't really compare with other countries, I do think we take design promotional products critically.These days everybody seems to desire a logo, which is best for us makers and businesses like crowdSPRING, but I sometimes hesitation whether just about all buyers can recognize a specialist design.I once saw any logo on a pickup made out of 4 to 5 letters with wheels, chicken wings, arrows, speed lines and shadow.  I hope they did not pay for it. It turned out a foreign truck though.4. Who/what are some of the largest influences on your design function?I'm a huge fan associated with David Hockney, so he may get influenced me personally, I really hope therefore but it's tough to say. Maybe the bright colors I tend to employ.When being employed by HEMA, we utilized to go on business trips a lot to browse the packaging design in other countries. Inside london I observed at the time how the British ended up far more innovative in their product packaging design than we were. That's a long time ago for sure we have caught up since. But I do not forget that was a huge influence in my designs at that time.At present this changes continuously, it's just items that I see or even come across, either in magazines, in the pub or online. For quite some time today, I've been 'into' your handcrafted trend. My challenge is to help make something "hand drawn" inside Illustrator.5. How do you develop ideas for aspects after you examine a creative simple?To be honest, I would not always read the whole briefing. Now i'm convinced numerous designers are generally lazy viewers personalized gifts . Especially when the brief is very long, I think that the buyer is too certain in their wishes, which doesn't abandon much room for the artist. Then again, inadequate details just isn't good either. It does help when the consumer attaches a few examples of images and styles they enjoy.Sometimes it only happens, I purchase a picture straight away. I just start sketching (throughout Illustrator) till something nice appears. Interestingly enough it may be completely different from things i had in my mind.Also I get saved a lot of sketches pertaining to logos My spouse and i made over recent years. When evaluating them We sometimes find inspired. You will find, I delete sometimes.Some. What computer software and equipment do you employ?Mainly Photo shop, a bit of Adobe photoshop (CS3).7. What's your dream style project?Should they had asked about to design the particular euro notes, they would have looked greater for sure.Critically, maybe a product packaging line inside handcrafted design personalized corporate gifts .8. How will you promote your operate?I don't, occasionally friends get it done for me.Being unfaithful. Please explain your standard work day.Fairly boring. I like being on my own, personal. I get up very earlier (usually just before 6) help to make myself a coffee and get behind the computer. My spouse and i check my emails and after that either detect work-in-progress or browse through my crowdSPRING watch checklist.  More java. By One am I typically need a adjust and venture out, meet a pal or go on a spree with our sister  Back home, I've got a glass of wine, make a meal after which chill out or go back to laptop computer for some a lot more work/play. Bit of television and very early to sleep.10. Which of your designs are your most favorite and why?Hard to decide on. I tend to go for simple and smooth, but with a hand-crafted touch.A nice example would be the second venture ever I entered upon crowdSPRING (Ariels Point) as well as everything in this particular project was how it needs to be; lots of suggestions with every entry, good cohesiveness and�?I gained!So that has a special memory for me and yes it made me a crowdSPRING addict.Much more personal faves are some true nice images (I think) that have been strangely enough never appreciated with the client. These were however 'gallerized' on Logopond and revealed on Pinterest.I also got an email from your website designing company looking for if they could use my logo as an example.11. In case you weren't designing, what would a person be doing?I'd be dropped! It's some tips i love performing most.Obviously it would should be something creative, probably painting or cooking. top christmas gifts 2019 When becoming an adult I wanted to be a chef, but having watched all the preparing food competitions in the news, I'm sure I couldn't stand the load. I can prepare, but ideally for no a lot more than 4 people.12. What do you do with your leisure time?I regard all my period as spare time, so it may possibly be doing exactly what I'm performing already!___________________________Dank on wel, Connie!